Concealed Carry 

Concealed Carry (CCW)

$50 single student

$45 per student (group discount)

4 Hour Course, Featuring Virtual Simulator!

Available Class Dates:


Class Overview:

Handgun safety rules
Firearms parts and operation
Relevant State of Colorado Laws
Interaction with Law Enforcement
Types of ammunition
Methods of concealment

Relevant laws for:

  • concealment

  • relevant laws for transportation

  • use of your firearm in self-defense

Learn Proper:

  • shooting stance, gun presentation

  • sight alignment, breath control

  • trigger press

Students receive a Concealed Carry Certificate that can be used to obtain your Colorado CCW.

For Questions: 303-483-8509

Key Benefits:

  • Virtual Simulator

Class Requirements

No gun experienced is required.

If you have any questions please contact us

What's Next?

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Professional Services:

  • Tactical Operations Medic (Armed Medic)

  • Defensive Tactics (Weapons Disarmament)

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