Level I


- Firearms Safety/Range Rules

- Fundamentals of Tactical shooting

- Point shooting verses aimed shooting

- Proper Grip 

- Correct trigger control

- Charging the weapon

- Clearing the weapon

- Stance, Draw, Shoot

- Quick magazine change

- Ready gun positions

- Stage 1, 2 & 3 malfunctions

- Multiple targets

- Closing range to the target

- Running and braking methods.

- Kneeling position, Back, Side, Prone

- One/Two-hand shooting

Level II



Prerequisites: Level I Pistol

- Firearm Safety
- Review of Course #1
- Stance
- Advanced Footwork Movement
- Turning and Drawing
- Rapid Target Acquisition
- Multiple Targets
- Balancing Speed and Accuracy
- One Hand Magazine Change
- One Hand Charging the Weapon
- Stress Fire Course
- Barricade & Obstacle Shooting 

Level III



Prerequisites: Level II Pistol

- Close contact Firing  
- Weapon Retention
- Weak Hand Fire / Reloads
- Barricade Shooting
- Obstacle Shooting
- Extreme Close Range Fire
- Long Distance Pistol Shooting
- Dynamic Movement to Cover
- Shooting from Difficult Positions
- Shooting from a Vehicle
- Clearing Rooms
- Firing In Pairs
- V.I.P. Drills
- Advanced Tactical Scenarios

Israeli Tactical Combat Pistol Training


Aggressiveness, decisiveness and speed are integral elements of this system; and a combat mindset is stressed. Stress is a mandatory element introduced to this class, in order to expose trainees to pressure associated with actual events. This approach is geared towards deadly force confrontations when your life is on the line rather then a shooting competition, where often skills required to compete simply fail under actual life event stress.

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