Level I


- Firearms Safety/Range Rules
- Fundamentals of Tactical shooting
- Point shooting verses aimed shooting
- Five points of contact
- Correct trigger control
- Charging the weapon
- Clearing the weapon
- Stance, Charge, Shoot
- Quick magazine change
- Ready gun positions
- Stage 1, 2 & 3 malfunctions
- Multiple targets
- Closing range to the target
- Running and braking methods.
- Kneeling position, Side, Prone
- Transition to handgun
- Barricade shooting

Level I



- Shotgun training safety
- Principals of personal defense
- Deployment methodology and   concepts
- Use of the shotgun self defense
- Mental conditioning and combat     mindset
- Combat fundamentals of shooting the  shotgun
- The natural action stance.
- Quick Loading / unloading the   shotgun
- Use of the tactical sling
- Presentation from low ready, high   ready, - indoor ready positions
- Combat gun-handling skills
- Moving off the line of force
- Threat assessment and area scanning
- Ammunition management and tactical  reloading techniques
- Transition to secondary weapon   system
- Malfunction clearance drills
- Multiple threat engagement
- Engaging threats during continuous   movement
- Fighting with the shotgun at CQB  distances
- Introduction to tactical speed shooting  concepts
- Weapon retention issues.
- Stress training
- Barricade and Obstacle Shooting

Coming Later

Level III



- Defining & Briefing EP Agent
- Etiquette and Protocol
- Protector and VIP Formations
- Threat Assessment
- Close Protection / 3rd Party Defense
        a) empty hand
        b) weapon
- Planning and Assignment of Duties
- Vehicle & Building Searches
- Route Planning
- Active Shooter
- Fire Arm Safety with VIP
- Fire Arm Training (dry and live fire)
- VIP Extraction
  And MORE

Israeli Tactical Combat Rifle Training


Trainees will learn how to confront a threat, charge the weapon and fire - all in one second or less! Trainees will learn fundamentals of urban fighting; the secrets of good peripheral vision and employment of lethal option tactics against multiple threats, shooting with the long gun and progressing to advanced close combat fighting techniques with handgun.

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