Private & Custom Group Classes


Private & Custom Group Classes:

At Alpha Defense Group, our team of national certified instructors are here to provide you and your organization with a self-defense plan that is easy to learn and is backed up by a proven technique. With over 100+ schools across the nation our network of self-defense programs and instructors is unmatched.

No matter if you need private training or want to request a customized class these dates are reserved for you.


Self Defense:

No matter your needs our team is here to teach your group/organization any self defense method such as, hand-to-hand, weapons disarmament, knife fighting, self defense pistol and rifle.  

Our self defense and weapons training comes straight from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), who are experts in self defense tactics.


We also provide many certified courses to the general public that teach individuals, teams and organizations First-aid, CPR, AED and Critical Trauma to ensure you and your team are ready in the unfortunate event that someone is hurt during an attack. 

For professionals we provide continued education for Law Enforcement and EMS through our nationally certified courses from
Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC), bring lessons learned from battlefield to civilian medical response to high risk situations.


 POST (Police Officer Standard Training) / CEU (College Education Units) hours.

Private & Custom Group Classes

Starting from $180.00

Course Length: 6-8 Hour / Full Day Course

Available Class Dates:

Class has additional options. Click for information. 

Note: New membership program opening in 2021

Class Requirements

Requirements for Private and Custom classes will very.

If you have any questions please contact us

What's Next?

Self Defense Courses:
Krav Maga Training:
  • Self Defense Krav Maga

  • Knife Training:
  • Level 1 - Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting  (C)
  • Level 2 - Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting  (C)

  • Rifle Training:
  • Level 1 - Self Defense Rifle
  • Level 2 - Defensive Tactical Rifle

  • Health & Medical Courses:
    Survival Training:
  • Back-Country Survival Herbalist 101
  • Back-Country Survival Herbalist 102
  • Back-Country Survival Herbalist Night

  • Certified Medical Training:
  • Critical Trauma  (C)
  • Critical Trauma + First-Aid / CPR / AED  (C)
  • Tactical Operations Medical Specialist  (C)
  • Advanced Tactical Operations Medical Specialist  (C)

  • Certifed Professional Services:
    Business / Team / Place of Worship:
  • Active Shooter Course  (C)
  • Bodyguard/VIP Course  (C)
  • Critical Trauma + First-Aid / CPR / AED  (C)
  • Tactical Operations Medical Specialist  (C)
  • Advanced Tactical Operations Medical Specialist  (C)

  • Law Enforcement / EMS / FIRE / Medical:
  • Defensive Tactics - (LEO/KMA Only)  (C)
  • Direct Assault Response Tactics - (EMS/FIRE)  (C)
  • EMT/AMET/Paramedic Refreshers  (C)

  •    (C) = Nationally Certified Course  

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