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The Alpha Defense Group

Is a "Network" of Certified Self Defense Instructors providing training in the Denver Metro Area. 


Owner & Chief Instructor of the Krav Maga Association | Founder of the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Professor Marty Cale started training in Krav Maga in 1999. In 2001 Professor Marty Cale and his school, Arkansas Martial Arts, was certified by Krav Maga Instructor Rhon Mizrachi to teach Krav Maga.


Marty Cale has since, traveled to Israel numerous times and trained in the Israeli Combat System of Krav Maga with Former Chief Commander Ran Nakash, former Head Instructor Itay Danenberg and the current Chief Commander of the Israeli Defense Forces for Krav Maga, Danny Netzer. Mr. Cale is one of only very few people fortunate enough to train at the IDF Military Training Base. Being a High Level Advanced Instructor in Krav Maga, Mr. Cale has also trained with the Head Instructor Itay Danenberg and Chief Commander Danny Netzer at the National Security Training Academy for Court and Parliment Security Officers, training extensively in Advanced Krav Maga, VIP Protection, Security, Law Enforcement and Counter -Terrorism as taught to Special Forces Military Units, Security and Elite Law Enforcement officers. Professor Cale has received two different Diplomas from Ran Nakash, Danny Netzer and Itay Danenberg, making him one of only two Americans to receive such Diplomas at the time. Marty Cale has been training in Israeli Combat Shooting techniques and Krav Maga since 1999.

In July of 2013, Professor Marty Cale hosted Nakash, Netzer and Dannenberg in the US where they helped him teach a Defensive Tactics Course for Law Enforcement in Phoenix AZ, where he was presented a 3rd Diploma/Certificate in front of 300 people.

Professor Cale wrote the "Official Training Manual" for Krav Maga Tactical Training Options, a Defensive Tactics Program that has been approved in the U.S by most States and Government enties for Law Enforcement standards.

Marty's experience and methods of teaching cutting edge tactics takes his courses to a level rarely seen. His teaching abilities will impress even the most highly skilled as he has taught Military, Law Enforcement, Security Guards, Federal Agents and others Hand to Hand Combat and Firearm Instructors.


Professor Marty Cale has been training and studying the martial arts for 4 decades. He holds numerous Black Belts in various arts including a 10th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate and a 7th Degree Black Belt in Combative JuJitsu. He has been a Certified Instructor in JKD (Bruce Lee’s Art) since 1995 and recently receiving a second Instructor Certification from Grandmaster Richard Bustillo, one of Bruce Lee’s original students. Mr. Cale has been certified as a Defensive Tactics Instructor for Law Enforcement by 3 different organizations.

Professor Marty Cale is President and Chief Director / Instructor of the Krav Maga Association and is in charge of setting up Krav Maga schools as well as Instructor Seminars for Civilians and Law Enforcement around the world. He along with his wife Jenny own and operate Krav Maga Headquarters in Fayetteville Arkansas where they teach Krav Maga.

Marty is dedicated to providing the highest quality professional training available whether for students, potiental Instructors, Instructors, law enforcement agencies or private citizens, large seminars or private lessons, basic or advanced, with an emphasis on friendly hands-on instruction that is simple, effective, affordable, reality-based, motivating, empowering, and most importantly, FUN!


Owner & Certified Lead Instructor of Alpha Defense Group


Matteo holds the honor of being one of the first students to join the Israeli Combat Systems program when it was originally offered here in Denver in 2016. Since then Matteo has continued to expand his knowledge and certifications in self-defense training.

Matteo holds the following Certifications:

- NRA Certified Instructor

- KMA Certified Pistol Instructor

- KMA Certified Shotgun Instructor

- KMA Certified M16/AR15 Rifle Instructor

- KMA Certified Hand to Hand Instructor

- KMA Certified Instructor - Level 2 Krav Maga
- Certified VIP Bodyguard 

- Certified Critical Trauma

- Certified First-aid, CPR and AED

- Certified Tactical Operation Medic Specialist

- Certified NAEMT-TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care)

Professional Training:

- Active Shooter (KMA)

- Active Shooter (AVERT)

- Israeli Combat Pistol

- Israeli Combat Rifle

- Israeli Combat Knife Fighting

- Weapons Disarmament

- Tactical Driving & Evasion 


The objective of our network is to offer a wide range of self defense and medical programs that are safe, easy to learn and adaptive to real world events.

Our team believes highly in working together, by bringing together experts from around the nation to provide quality training. 

​Key Elements:

  • Our programs are meant to be simple and effective.

  • Our programs include hand to hand, weapons and trauma care to ensure complete "defense" and "care".

  • Each student is paired with an instructor to ensure proper form is taught, provide a safe learning environment and to ensure you get full value from your class.

​We provide training for:

  • Civilian self defense

  • Security Teams

  • Place of Worship Security Teams

  • Professional Careers- Certified Courses

  • Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire and Medical - Certified Courses
    (Available POST/CEU Hours for LEO/EMS/Fire)

If you have any questions on a private, group or organizational training sessions, please call us at 720-464-7885



Certified Lead Instructor - Owner Team Phoenix (Sergeant Major - Army National Guard) + (Pastor)


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