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[ADG] - Hand to Hand Self-Defense Programs :
Offering a wide range of hand-to-hand and fitness programs to build muscle memory, endurance and stamina for the fight


We are proud to have partnered with Gemini Fitness and Combat Gym to offer a complete Self-Defense program that includes hand-to-hand.

Why do I need hand-to-hand self-defense?

The curriculum of any self-defense program should include a hand to hand self-defense technique that will allow you to increase your chances to defend yourself or a loved one from an attacker. The expectation that you will always be able to retrieve your weapon, be allowed to carry a weapon or be re-active to a threat is unrealistic. Being well-rounded with defense options helps to complete your self-defense profile.

We provide the following programs:

We also provide:


I carry a weapon every day, why do I need to learn hand-to-hand self-defense?

There may be situations were you may not be allowed to carry a weapon for self-defense, my not have access to one or even may not carry a weapon for self-defense. In these situations the ability to have the knowledge and muscle-memory to defend yourself from an attacker with your hands, feet, knees and elbows can be the difference between life and death. 

Even if you carry a weapon daily for self-defense, we teach that it is not always correct to pull or engage your weapon.

  • Is your attacker too close to you for you to pull your weapon and will you have a fight for your weapon?

  • Is your attacker a true threat to your life or another persons life?

  • Do you have the opportunity to back-off and get away? 

Being in shape and having endurance to last through the fight is key!

Anyone who has participated in 

Please note:

 ** Prerequisite course must be completed before you can take the selected course.

Israeli Krav Maga



 Taught by Certified Alpha Defense & KMA Instructors

A Simple and Effective Self-Defense Program.

Used by the Israeli Defense Forces, Military, Law Enforcement and other Protection Agencies around the world.

Krav Maga is the official hand to hand combat and self defense system of the Israeli Military. Its brutal and effective techniques are focused solely on real world situations. If you have been looking to add a realistic self-defense program, this is it!

  • A Krav Maga Association (KMA) Certified program

  • Hand-to-Hand and Weapons Self-Defense and Weapons Disarming

  • Includes Gym Access

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Gemini Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Direct Threat Emergency Medical Care & Assessment

From Civilians to Emergency Response Teams. Knowledge to Sustain Lives Under Indirect/Direct Threat Scenarios. 

Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is designed for practitioners of all levels to learn and progress. We encourage a welcoming and teaching environment in our classes. Classes are an hour and a half long to make sure there is adequate time for proper breathing techniques, warm up, movement and fundamental drills, drilling the lesson, and live rolls to end each class. That’s the basic structure each class follows.

  • Adult and Youth Programs Available

  • Includes Gym Access


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Gemini Cardio Boxing & Kickboxing



Primary Slogan

Catchy Subject

Context Statement and Included Items....

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Gemini Fitness Boot Camp


Build Endurance, Stamina and Gain Strength

Staying fit and having endurance to last through your goals! 

These boot-camps are designed to give a full body, HIIT workout. The way we set them up is every 4 to 6 weeks we change the outcome goal we are working towards. That way each class is designed to work us towards that outcome goal. Then after those 4 to 6 weeks we adjust the outcome goal and therefore the fitness boot-camp changes along with it.


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