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 "I watched my friend pass away and there was nothing we could do..." 

 - a comment from a friend who experienced a deadly accident.

  Unfortunately they were not prepared  and did not have the training to help their friend. 

Class Overview:

Our Critical Trauma is for everyday preparedness and completes your ability to be a "Protector" in your community and to your loved ones. From every day traffic accidents to mass casualty events... the act of being prepared with knowledge on how to provide life saving care is critical. 

Taught by former and active duty S.W.A.T. Officers, Tactical Paramedics, Military, and Department of Defense contractors.

Critical Trauma is defined as:

A serious injury that places life a in jeopardy, and involves a patient that is unconsciousness, experienced a significant loss of blood, an acute fracture or amputation of a leg or arm, burns over a major portion of the body, loss of sight or other significant losses that require immediate medical attention in a hospital or by a qualified medical practitioner.

An unfortunate event:

such as an Active Shooter, you and the people around you are the "first responders". Law enforcement first responsibility is to secure the environment and EMT's will stage outside the perimeter until the environment is deemed secure... This means that life saving help may not come as quickly as you expect. Having the right equipment onsite and the training on that equipment may mean the difference between life and death. 


In this 2-Day Certified course you will be Certified in First-Aid, CPR, AED and Critical Trauma.

First-Aid + CPR/AED Certification:

Students will be in our classroom reviewing First-Aid, CPR procedures and proper use of an AED machine. Additionally Legal Considerations, Recognizing an Emergency, Personal Safety, PPE, Opioid Overdose, Altered Mental Status, Stroke and much more

TECC Critical Trauma Certification:
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. This nationally accredited, high energy class covers: Team Health, Mindset, Care Under Fire, Hemorrhage Control, Tourniquets, Airway, Chest Wounds, Combat Gauze and Live Action Scenarios. Scenarios will include sight and sound distracting devices, simulated gun fire and other stress inducing techniques.

This course is taught by Tony Mc, who sits on the council of "Tactical Emergency Casualty Care", nationally recognized within the EMT, Law Enforcement and Military sectors for standards. 

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Common Questions:

Question: Why am I not allowed to bring my weapon, even if concealed ?
In this course we are training you for unexpected medical emergencies that you might find yourself in or arriving to. During the length of this course our instructors will simulate several medical emergencies or attacks that result in simulated injuries. Some of these simulation may appear to be realistic and in order to keep a safe training environment weapons are not allowed to ensure no accidental weapon are drawn. There is no exceptions to this policy.  

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Alpha Defense Group 5-Star Rating

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What others are saying:

"My husband and I just took the two day CPR & First Aid/Critical Care Field Trauma class and it was WONDERFUL!!! The instruction was so far beyond a CPR class (which I took a few years ago). We covered so much first aid, real life situations, supplies & gear just on day one! Day two was all about critical field trauma. We learned a lot about physiology, technical aspects, stress/cognitive abilities on the parts of both the caregiver and patient. We learned how to apply tourniquets, under pressure of chaos and gun fire, blood simulations, carry techniques etc. It was a weekend FULL of life saving information. Not only could it save you or your families life in a freak accident situation hiking, mountain biking etc...but it todays world with the rioting and violence, it could very well be a situation we find ourselves in at the grocery store."

- Heidi M.

Critical Trauma +  First-Aid + CPR + AED



Course Length: 16 Hours / 2 Full Days

Available Class Dates:

Includes 3 Certifications:

-  First-Aid, CPR & AED - American Safety and Health Institute

-  Tactical Emergency Casualty Care - TECC

-  "Stop the Bleed" - American College of  Surgeons

+ 16 Hours POST/CEUs for LEO/EMS/Fire/Medical*




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Course Documentation:

Colorado LEO's are required to obtain approval from their Head Chief/Sheriff for POST hours to apply. The above documents may be used to submit to your department head.

Class Requirements

Weapons are not allowed at this course. 

If you are a concealed carry, please secure your weapon in your vehicle before entering the class. 

  • Rugged Clothing 
    (Critical Trauma will have simulated blood use)

  • A Packed lunch

  • Plenty of water or other drinks

We also recommend that you have a hat and sunscreen on the Trauma day to protect you from the sun. Winter months please dress in layers. You will warm up with our course and will need to shed layers.

Warning: this course is realistic and will have simulations that include simulated blood, smoke and other distraction devices. Graphic content will be presented during this course.

If you have any questions please contact us



(C) = Nationally Certified Course 

*A change to the Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) process now requires that this class be reviewed and approved by your Chief Officer/Head Sheriff of your department before this class can be applied towards POST hours. Number of POST hours has been converted to a recommendation based off previous years and will be set forth by your department. 

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