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Please Note:  

In order to take this class you must have successfully completed both:

NAEMT-Tactical Emergency Causality Care [TECC]

Tactical Operations Medical Specialist [TOMS[

Class Overview:
Advanced Tactical Operations Medical Specialist, known as [ATOMS], builds on the skills you learned in Tactical Operations Medical Specialist [TOMS] course.


In this class we go more in depth in the Medical portion of the class focusing on more Anatomy and Physiology of the body and the effects trauma has on it. We will discuss more long-term care options. You will learn the principle behind the use of I.V fluids, what “battle pills packs’ to carry, and the use of certain “numbing” agents.

You will participate in a structure lab and learn basic wound closure.

On range day we will take your firearms training to a higher level, we will focus on more moving and shooting, learning to fight through pain and disabilities, treating injuries under stress.
You will learn casualty packaging and moving over long distances and obstacles, using ropes and straps.


You will learn our Extreme Close Quarter Combat system, using hand to hand, edged weapons and firearms, fighting on your feet and on the ground.

What's included:

  • Battle Pill Packs

  • Extended Operations

  • Health Cards

  • Treatment Beyond the Battle

  • Suturing

  • Moving Casualty Over Long Distances

  • SKED Operations

  • Advanced Range Skills

  • Extreme Close-Quarter Combat with Hands, Edged Weapons, Pistol & Rifle

Includes Certifications:



Team Dynamics

Students will be taught how to work both as an individual and as a team. Team dynamics is a very important element in this course. Working as a team, knowing your role and how to take over any other role is a critical element in this course. Each student will participate in every role in a dynamic team, including the victim. 

Force on Force / Weapons Disarming Training:

During this course students will be taught how to deal with, disarm and subdue an attacker armed with a weapon such as a knife or pistol. Note: Disarming and take-down activities can be physical, please make your instructor aware of any physical or limiting abilities you may have.

Close Quarters Combat:

This session includes Simunitions (non-lethal) and other force on force training. 

Note on Physical Training:
Due to the extreme physical and psychological nature of the tactical environment, physical
training will be conducted throughout the course to help minimize potential injury, promote team concept and motivation. It is our goal to give each student a baseline assessment of their overall physical condition to operate in the tactical environment and introduce them to the core values of a tactical law enforcement physical training program.

This is NOT a SWAT school or military boot camp. Physical training is used to foster team
cohesion in a minimal amount of time and focus the student’s attention to details. Since the
addition of physical training to the program, we have noticed a drastic improvement in how
quickly the individuals come together to work towards a common goal.

Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS)

Tactical Operations Medic Specialist (TOMS)

Advanced Tactical Operations Medic Specialist (TOMS)

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Common Questions:

Question: Is there a discount for Law Enforcement, EMS and Medical Personnel?
Yes. Professionals in the fields of Law Enforcement, EMS, AEMT, Paramedics and other Medic fields may receive a discount to provide them extended training and to be able to renew licenses as required. Individual discounts and group discounts are available. Please call us at 720-464-7885 to get more information. 

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Alpha Defense Group 5-Star Rating

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Advanced Tactical Operations Medical Specialist



Course Length: 40 Hours / 4 Full Days

Includes Certifications:

-  Advanced Tactical Operations Medical Specialist [ATOMS]

+ 32 Hours POST & 10 Hours CEUs for LEO/EMS/Fire/Medical*

+ Discounts available for LEO/EMS/Fire/Medical Personnel

Available Class Dates:




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Course Resources



Course Documentation:

Colorado LEO's are required to obtain approval from their Head Chief/Sheriff for POST hours to apply. The above documents may be used to submit to your department head.

Class Requirements

Weapons are not allowed to be loaded when entering class. You may not load your weapon until you are instructed. If you are carrying concealed, please download in your vehicle. 

Minimum recommended equipment:

  • Tactical Body Armor (Optional)

  • Helmet (Optional) (Example Helmet)

  • Eye protection (clear and tinted) (Required)

  • Hydration system (Required)

  • Gloves (Required)

  • Handgun with 200 rounds

  • AR style rifle with 200 rounds

  • Medical Response Bag (Optional)

  • A Packed lunch

  • Plenty of water or other drinks

Dress Requirements:

  • Department Tactical Uniform
    (If you are not with a department or your department does not have a tactical uniform, BDU style pants such as 5.11)

  • Boots or hiking boots that support your ankles

  • T-shirts

  • Dress slacks and polo for graduation.

We also recommend that you have a hat and sunscreen to protect you from the sun. Winter months please dress in layers. You will warm up with our course and will need to shed layers.

Warning: this course is realistic and will have simulations that include simulated blood, smoke and other distraction devices. Graphic content will be presented during this course.

Warning: This course includes force-on-force training using Simunition and air-softs weapons.

If you have any questions please contact us

What's Next?


   (C) = Nationally Certified Course  

*A change to the Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) process now requires that this class be reviewed and approved by your Chief Officer/Head Sheriff of your department before this class can be applied towards POST hours. Number of POST hours has been converted to a recommendation based off previous years and will be set forth by your department. 

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